Biography of Shibata & Fukuyama Guitar Duo

Shibata & Fukuyama Guitar Duo

Formed the guitar duet (SHIBATA &FUKUYAMA Duo)  in 1988.
Studied guitar duet under Henri DORIGNY and Ako ITO in France and South American music under Rey GUERRA in Cuba.
Won a prize at the 7 ème Concours International de Guitare en Duo Montélimar in France in 1992.
Since about this time they began to further expand the stage of her activities, including the “Guitar Festival” organized by Yomiuri Telecasting and Yomiuri Shimbun Newspaper, the Expo '90 International Garden and Greenery Exposition, recitals in Taipei and Gaoxiong (Republic of China) through invitation of the Guitar Association in Taiwan R.O.C., and the concert in Nice (France) which enjoyed the highest praise from the newspaper, Nice-Matin. The Duo has been invited by the International Music Festival (Weikersheim, Germany) since 2001,2003 and received the Cultural Award from Yao City (Osaka, Japan) in 2002, while hosting a local FM radio program. First CD (Duo-1) for guitar duet released by Sound Matrix Co., Ltd. in 1995.based upon which a music book was published by Gendai Guitar Co., Ltd. The second CD “DUO-2: Tango Suite” was released in 2000, followed by the CD “DUO-3: Paris d'Argent” .
Recently they are a representative Duo in Japan.



Kén Shibata

Kén SHIBATA was born in Osaka (Japan).    Graduated from Doshisha University.
After studying under Yoshikuni OHNISHI, he studied under Alberto PONCE (guitar) and Sérge BLANC (chamber music) at L'Ecole Normale de Musique de Paris, and under Alexandre LAGOYA and Carel HARMS at an international summer course in Nice.
Studied guitar duo under Mr. and Mrs. Henri Dorigny and Ako Ito and South American music under Rey Guerra.
Won the first prize (de degré d'honneur) at the U.F.A.M Concours International de Music (guitar section) de Paris in 1981.
He published Mechanical Training for guitar,vol.1 and 2 from Delatour France.
Lecturer at Soai University.
Shibata currently serves as a judge for the Japan Guitar Competition (Osaka)  and joined the Japan Federation of Guitarists (Tokyo) as a director in 2008.

Atsuko Fukuyama 

Atsuko Fukuyama was born in Hyogo, Japan and graduated from Doshisha University, Kyoto.  She began studying the guitar at the age of nine under Isamu Kawanishi, Toshiaki Kondo and Jiro Yoshikawa, studied guitar duo under Mr. and Mrs. Henri Dorigny and Ako Ito and South American music under Rey Guerra.   In 1979 she won the first prize at the 6th Japan Guitar Competition as the youngest to do so at that time, at the age of 13. Since then, she has made regular appearances on radio programs and performed in Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto (Japan), and Seoul (South Korea). Having formed the “Kén Shibata & Atsuko Fukuyama Duo” with her husband Kén Shibata in 1988, she now specializes in duo performance, she published Method Book for Children,vol.1 from the Delatour France in 2005.
Fukuyama currently serves as a judge for the Japan Guitar Competition.